VLOG about my week 2/4 February german – english

VLOG 1/4 February – German / English -Timo Bauer
6. Februar 2018
Timo Bauer über Positionierung
15. Februar 2018
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VLOG about my week 2/4 February german – english

Timo Bauer vlogs about his week

Timo Bauer in the mountains

VLOG about my week 2/4 February german – english

My amazing time in the mountains

– being on a fair 🏢
– celebrating my birthday 🙌
– learn how to ski 🎿
– being part of a great charity with juice plu

After the last vlog wasn’t filled with too many impressions, the past week was full of amazing events. First of all, I visited a fair regarding my new investment „Vibes & so“ here in Stuttgart. Afterwards, it was time to drive to Obersdorf, had a beautiful time at the mountains and hotels and improved myself in skiing. On Saturday there was a huge Juice Pluls event in Nuremberg where we all where part of a great charity. Meanwhile, I tried to hit the gym again in this vlog to be fit for California & Turkey and had a great birthday!

How was your week and have you ever been skiing? I’m looking forward to  your feedback.

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Best wishes, 

Timo Sven Bauer

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