VLOG about my week 2/4 March german – english

Meeting With Gary Vaynerchuk in London
11. März 2018
Instagram Algorithmus 2018
Instagram Algorithmus 2018
15. März 2018
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VLOG about my week 2/4 March german – english

Timo Bauer vlogs about his week

That was my week

VLOG about my week 2/4 March german – english

That was my week

– fun with my bike🏍
– meeting Gary V in London
– night out with my girlfriend
– focussing on my summer body

Hey friends,

this vlog is about my last week that was super exciting! The highlight definetly was flying to London with Cathy and Lukas and visiting Gary Vaynerchuk’s Coaching.  We had huge expectations and couldn’t wait to learn a lot from him as the workshop was quite expensive and those invested 10.000 Euros needed to be worth it.

I hope to get Gary V inspired from 3dots and maybe win him as an investor. It would be one of my dreams. We arrived at kind of a Co-working-looking space with already prepared breakfast and told him about us and our app. If you wanna know more about the coaching, check out my blogpost or listen to the podcast. As the workshop was only one day, we spent the leftover time in London with amazing healthy food and working on our business. As you probably know I’m trying to get the best out of my body at the moment to impress everyone and also myself at the beach. Only about 9o days left…Who is ready yet? It’s getting warmer day by day so it’s time to get in shape.

London was great…except the flight back. Our airline cancelled our flight back home and we had to spend another night in London. We got a really cheap & small hostel near the highway and had to get up before 6am at the next morning to get back to Stuttgart. In Stuttgart I immediately drove to Karlsruhe to visit the technician who are working on the new version of our app. They are really busy at the moment and I hope we can launch the perfect version as soon as possible. 

Afterwards, I spent Saturday night together with my girlfriend, dressed up sharp and we had a great night together, drinking some wine and going to the cinema. Even the movie wasn’t my favourite, it was still a great night. On Sunday morning it was time to ride my bike and afterwards Catharina and I went out for lunch at our favourite sushi restaurant before she was leaving me. To stay in shape and work on my body until California I went to the gym afterwards and gave everything again.

All in all, it was a really good and exciting week and I can’t wait to invest lots of time on my body and business in the next few weeks. 

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Best wishes,

Timo Sven Bauer

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