VLOG about my week 3/4 March german – english

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18. März 2018
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21. März 2018
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VLOG about my week 3/4 March german – english

Timo Bauer Vlog über seine Woche in englisch und deutsch

VLOG about my week 3/4 March german – english

My week in review

– working in the office 👩‍💻
– fun with the dog 🐶
– eating out in healthy restaurants 🍱
– date night with Catharina and meeting Leon and Yannick 🍷

Hey friends,

the last week was full with working 100% on my business. Therefore, I worked in the 3dots office again to focus more on our 3dots project. Our new version is coming soon and I want to work as much as I can to get a perfect launch. Have you seen the new recipe filters yet?

recipe filters 3dots app

New recipe filters 3dots App

I was leaving the office on Monday after 11pm, so it was a really productive day and I was developing some new challenges for the app.

Moreover, I spend the mornings here with Catharina’s dog for a little walk. I realized that human beings are running for their goals and the dog was running behind a stick. That’s basically her kind of goal. I also got visited by two friends and on Tuesday night we had a fantastic dinner with nachos, sheep cheese, avocado and lots of other different healthy stuff. My sweat n‘ shape Challenge is going on really well. Have you joined it as well? Together with Cathy I cooked a healthy lunch, for example. We had a super delicious salad and a smoothie bowl.

Sweatn' Shape Challenge

Challenge by Timo Sven Bauer

Furthermore, I focussed on getting investors in this vlog and I really want to inspire people and preach my knowledge to them. For a surprise, I planned a date night on Friday. We went out driving „Go Kart“. Sadly, we weren’t able to film inside, but I promise, we had a lot of fun.

On Saturday we went out eating lunch at one of our favourite restaurant in Stuttgart. It’s an asian sushi restaurant and the waitress is really kind and friendly. I can definetly recommend this one if you’re around Stuttgart. We even were allowed to bring the dog with us. In the afternoon, we went to the motorbike dealer again. But this time, not for me, but we looked for the perfect bike for Catharina. Luckily, we found an amazing one! 


Bike for my girlfriend

Do you like it?

On Sunday we just worked at home and went out for a cold walk with the dog. Here in Germany it got cold again, but according to the weather forecast it’s getting warmer soon and spring is coming! Hopefully, we will have 15 degrees next weekend. I love the warmer weather.

How was your week? Looking forward to see you next week.

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Best wishes,

Timo Sven Bauer

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