VLOG about my week 4/4 February german – english

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25. Februar 2018
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VLOG about my week 4/4 February german – english

Timo Bauer vlogs about his week

That was my week

VLOG about my week 4/4 February german – english

That was my week

– disappointing setback in relation to my project „Vibes & so“
– planning conte
nt for 3dots 📝
– using my new stuff from amazon
– meeting & eating out with people

 Hey friends,

can’t believe another month is almost over and March is about to begin. My february was super exciting and I can’t wait to rock the new month. The last week was full of organizing and spending time with my new project „Vibes & So“. Even though, the vlog isn’t that short and I hope it won’t be too boring, as something happened and I got too upset to share positivity with you. I invested my energy for planning everything for my upcoming project „Vibes & so“ and also did everything too get amazing new content for „3 dots“. 


cheap & good TRX set from Amazon

What made me happy this week were my 2 packages that I’ve ordered on amazon. First, I got a new set to experiment with my Harley and secondly, my cool TRX set arrived. I used to do TRX workouts in summer, but now I’ve ordered a cheap gadget to do some workouts at home. It’s super easy and effective. I really love it.  

When it comes to my fitness challenge to get in shape until California, I have to admit, I’m really doing a good job. I’ve been to the gym almost everyday, did yoga, workouts and my diet is really clean & healthy. Even though I’m eating out in restaurants, I always pick the right choice. Everything is possible, guys!

At end the week I’ve been eating out in a japanese restaurant together with my 3-dots trainee Lara and Jenny, to whom we introduced 3dots. The food was delicious and also super healthy. Do you like sushi & asian currys?

So to be honest, the dissappointment about the landlady dominated the whole week. But maybe it’s destiny and I’m sure the next week will be a better one.

Have you enjoyed the week? And don’t forget to download and rate the app 3Dots. This would really mean the world to me.

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or Soundcloud.  

Best wishes, 

Timo Sven Bauer

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