VLOG about my week 5/5 April german – english

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5. April 2018
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7. Mai 2018
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VLOG about my week 5/5 April german – english

VLOG about my week 5/5 April german – english

That was my latest Week as a Vlog:
– Being inspired by the Convention in Salzburg 
– Picking up Cathy´s Ducati Monster
– Photo Shooting with Haydar for my IG Profil 
– Birmingham Convention meeting the sweds  

Guys whats going on ?… most of the time this is my first sentence when i film myself. Vlogging, what is vlogging? To be honest i don´t know it for 100%. For me vlogging is to film peaces out of the daily life, sometimes more interesting and sometimes not. I mean it is about the process. Don´t show people, you infront of the porsche of your neighbor, show yourself in a rusty car hustling while your dream is buying in 2 years your own porsche. 

This week was about the Juice Plus conventions. In Salzburg and Birmingham thousands of franchise partner showed up to learn the newst skills and get inspired from the top leaders of our industry. Going to a convention gives you the self confidence you need on the field to encourage other people making own good descisions for their future. 

I also had my second motorcycle photo shooting for my Instagram profile. If you wanna see the results i would suggest that you follow me now. 


Now i stop talking and let you decide how you want to consum my content. There are two options:

I really apprieciate that you took the time two follow my written words. 

Your friend Timo Sven Bauer 



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